Launch: May 2020
Free to Play
Rating: 5.0

Want to try the "Final Destination" style puzzle game? Your target is to kill'em all! Take everything available in each scenario or you will get stuck. Boost your brainpower to complete grim reaper's mission.

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Innovative Game

Enjoy yourself as a Grim Reaper in the game!  Your only mission is to kill every character by creating funny accidents. Don’t forget to collect their souls!

Challenging Puzzles

Yolo? is now having more than 100 tricky levels and each level has a different plot and scene.


Graphic design

From the characters to the scene, our featured graphic design is what we are proud of.

Featured Skins

You can get unique skins from rewards and the store. Doctor Plague, Kitsune, Anubis… we are having everything here.

Animation system

All of the game elements are well-animated. You will fall in love with our animation style!

5-Step Guide to YOLO?

Enjoy this game in five simple steps. With these tips you can become the master of the game!

  • Look around the scene! How could the characters die?
  • Is there any trigger to cause the death? Find it out!
  • Design a perfect scenario for the accident!
  • It’s time for hunting!
  • You made it! Don’t forget to collect the souls!