Wobble Man

Launch: Dec 2019
Free to Play
Rating: 5.0

Hello agent master, there is a new mission for you: Go ahead! Find the secret unknown in the unlimited floor building!

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Top hit

Wobble Man is a top free game designed and developed by CacaCat.  It has reached #1 on chart in many countries. Enjoy the chart-topping hit today!

Unlimited floor

Climb the unlimited floors one by one & get the coins more and more! Can you reach the end of the game?


Best Time Killer

Challenging but not too hard. The difficulty of the game is just appropriate for time killing!

Cool skin

Get featured skins from the rewards and the store. What’s your outfit of the day?

Game Control

Everyone can enjoy it! You can get the best gaming experience through simple operations.



  • How can agents not be equipped with advanced equipment?
  • How can the Key person not have a set of handsome skin system?
  • How can a good game be very similar at every level?
  • How can Wobble Man not bring you joy and fun?