Hey Drops

Launch: June 2021
Free to Play
Rating: 5.0

Hi, I'm Ella! My grandpa Stevenson and I am going on vacation with our animal friends! Come and join us! Swipe to move and release to drop. When two things of the same kind touch, they upgrade into one. Drops are limited so plan them carefully. Your puzzle skills will be tested with various fresh goals!

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Enjoy Drop-fun!

Hey Drops is an absolutely free puzzle game! Download the game right now and join the animal party with us! ! What’re you waiting for?

Cute Animals

Meet our animal friends! Adorable animals of all varieties, ducklings, bunnies, piggy, and many more!


Endless Levels

We’re having hundreds of fun levels, and we’re adding more every month!

Global Ranking

Compete with global players and hit the top ranking! Play with friends to see who can get the highest score!

Energy Boosters

Try different boosters in gameplay! Use them appropriatly can make the game much easier!

Other features

  • Creative level design gives you great satisfaction
  • Combo lovers-friendly
  • Eye-catching graphics and colorful gameplay
  • Hundreds of fun levels – more added every month!
  • Easy and fun to play, yet challenging to fully master