Make the awesome games

We are devoted to make our games better.

Focus on hyper casual

We are experts of the hyper casual segment.

Strive to be the global hits

We have made some, but we will make more.

We are CacaCat

Our journey began in 2018 as a studio developing innovative  hyper casual games. CacaCat is a professional and enthusiastic team in the hyper casual field. We have successfully developed global hits like Wobble Man and Yolo?. With over 130 million players all over the world, CacaCat is still working hard to make the next hit.

Our Values


Never afraid to take on challenges! We are always challenging ourselves to be stronger to make better games.


We are a group of game lovers so we are passionate about bringing joy to the world!


Our team is a group of well-experienced experts in the hyper casual field. We are having deep understanding of users so we can keep improving the game experience.


We are a team gathering professional designers, developers, engineers, publishing experts… We inspire each other and communicate directly and effectively.

Embrace Changes

We are all living in the era of change and it changes more rapidly in the gaming field. We do not fear change, we embrace change to keep up with the times!